Divisional Placement Rule for National Championships

The process for determining racer divisions for the NASTAR National Championships is based on ability. The criteria is designed to place participants in the correct division based on their ability within their age and gender group:


  • Platinum Division
  • Gold Division
  • Silver Division
  • Bronze Division


NASTAR National Championship participants will be placed in a division based on results within their race profile. The first rule listed below that applies to a participant's race profile will place them in their division:


  1. NASTAR National ranking handicap (3 race days needed) as of March 31st.
  2. If less then three race days are completed before March 31st, the racer's best handicap and medal earned will place the participant in their division (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze).
  3. Racers that competed in the 2022 NASTAR National Championship can request to be placed in a division based on their best handicap from the 2022 Nationals.
  4. Participants that do not have an opportunity to race and qualify before March 31st may request a discretionary entry. Discretionary entrants will be entered in the Bronze Division race.
    • Racers that earn a silver, gold or platinum level handicap in the bronze division race on April 4th, will advance to the Silver Division race on April 5th. Participants that earn a gold or platinum level handicap in the silver division race will advance to the Gold Division race. Participants that earn a platinum level handicap in the gold division race will advance to the Platinum Division race.
  5. The top 32 juniors and the top 32 adults from each divisional race will qualify for the Finals and a head-to-head race for prize money. Male and female adults and male and female juniors will compete for prize money in the finals races.


Racer divisions are set on March 31st. Participants have the option to move to a higher, more competitive division than their qualifying division, but participants cannot move to a division below the division in which they qualified. Request to move up to a more competitive division must be completed by March 31st by 6pm. The option to change division can be found under the CHAMPIONSHIPS tab within the racer's record when they are logged in. Participants can also race their way to a new division. For example, if a racer qualifies in the bronze division but earns silver medal handicap during the bronze division race, the racer will be moved up to the silver division.

How to Qualify for the National Championships