New Division Rules for National Championships

There is a new process for determining divisions for the Liberty Mutual Insurance NASTAR National Championships. The criteria has changed to more accurately place participants in the correct division based on their ability: Platinum Division, Gold Division, Silver Division and Bronze Division within each age and gender group.

Liberty Mutual Insurance NASTAR National Championship participants will be placed in a division based on results within their race profile. The first option listed below that fits a participant's race profile will place them in their division:


  1. Final average handicap from the 2017 NASTAR National Championships 
  2. Best handicap from a 2018 NASTAR Regional Championship event
  3. NASTAR National ranking handicap from the 2017-18 season (3 race days needed)
  4. The best handicap and medal earned by March 13th, 2018 will place participants in their division (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze)

Participants have the option to move to a higher division than their qualifying division but they cannot move to an ability division below the division in which they qualified.

  • Participants that competed in the 2017 NASTAR National Championships must earn a medal on a minimum of one race day to qualify for the 2018 Nationals.
  • NASTAR participants will qualify when they win a medal on two or more race days before March 13th.

How to Qualify for the National Championships