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Marco Sullivan gets Nathan Schield excited for the Midwest Regional Championship at @welchvillage @marcolikesit82 year old Dick Cole took the overall win at the @libertymutual Insurance NASTAR Eastern Regional ChampionshipEastern Regional Championship podium, fastest raw time. Marti Brueckner showed the young guns, Hannanh Lord 2nd and Carly Harris 3rd, that she still knows how to send it.Congratulations to 7 year old Tyler Doran for winning the overall at the Liberty Mutual Insurance NASTAR Eastern Regional Championship. The handicapped race saw 75 year old Beatrix McKane take second and Linda Whittle grabbed third.John Reavis worked the NASTAR course at @okemomtn for 35 years helping guests improve their skills. Now that he has retired, he is focusing on his racing.California boy @marcolikesit got to shred the Connecticut mountains at the @mtsouthington Regional Pacesetting Trials last week. ❄️👌It's always hard to beat the home team! New York's Labrador Mountain won the team race at the Midatlantic Regional Pacesetting Trials. 🏅 #skiracingRecognize this guy? The legendary @daronrahlves set the NASTAR pace this weekend at @coppermtn with some other crazy fast dudes. Click the profile link to see full results.Want to meet @tedligety and other @usskiteam stars? Head to @coppermtn for this weekend’s NASTAR Pacesetting Trials! [Details in profile link.] 🚀⛷🏁For a little #AprilFools fun, here are some of the best spills of #NASTARNationals. (Click the link in profile to watch the full crash reel.)

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