Qualifying Rules for the National Championships

To qualify for the NASTAR National Championships participants must win a medal on one or more race days. Participants can qualify throughout the season with the last day of qualification on March 31st. Late qualification will take place April 1- 3 at Snowmass and Aspen Mountain.


  • NASTAR participants will qualify when they win a medal on one or more race days.


  • Late qualifiers: Racers can compete on the Public NASTAR course on Aspen Mt. or Snowmass, April 1-3 to qualify. Late qualifiers will be placed in a division based on their best handicap and medal earned.


  • Participants that do not have an opportunity to race and qualify by April 4th must request a discretionary entry by emailing, support@nastar.com. Participants will be entered in the Bronze Division race, April 5th.
    • Racers that earn a silver, gold or platinum level handicap in the bronze division race, will advance to the Silver Division race on April 6th. Participants that earn a gold or platinum level handicap in the silver division race will advance to the Gold Division race April, 7th. Participants that earn a platinum level handicap in the gold division race will advance to the Platinum Division race April 8th.


Racers will be placed in their ability division based on Divisional Placement Rule.