The National Championships Competition Format

  • Racers will compete within the age, gender, division and discipline in which they qualify.

  • Race courses are modified GS. Gates are set with 18-22 meters of space vertically between gates and 4-8 meters of offset.

  • Competitors will be seeded by age within their division.

  • Competitors will race in bib order at 20-second intervals.

  • Competitors will race in the same bib order during the second run

  • The second run will start as soon as all racers have completed their first run.

    • Jam Format: Participants only need to complete one race run but racers should be prepared to take additional race runs as conditions and time allow.

  • The single best race run will be used to place participants in their age group within their division (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Division).

  • Racers WILL NOT switch courses for the second race run or any additional race runs.

  • Adults 21 years and older will race on the skiers right Blue Grouse venue and Juniors 20 years and younger will compete on the skiers left Blue Grouse venue.

  • Within each venue, the males will race on the skiers right course and the females will race on the skiers left course.

    • If there are more male racers than female racers we will balance the number of racers on each course by putting the younger males on the female course for the adult race. The junior venues will see the older males competing on the female course.

  • Snowboarders, Telemarkers and Adaptive racers will compete within the Division and age group in which they qualify.

  • Cognitive Adaptive racers will compete with the Bronze Division and they will start first on their race venue.

  • Each racer will take at least two race runs and the best handicap earned will place them within their age and ability group. All race runs will be taken on the same course.

The Breakout Rule or Making the Cut

National Championship competitors will be bumped up to a new divisions if they break out of their qualifying division.

  • Gold Division racers that earn a platinum medal handicap will be moved to the Platinum Division.

  • Silver Division racers that earn a gold or platinum medal handicap will be moved to the Gold Division.

  • Bronze Division racers that earn a silver, gold or platinum medal handicap will make the cut and move to the Silver Division to compete the next day.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be presented to the first, second and third place finishers in each age & gender category following the race. Racers that break out of their division will be recognized at the awards ceremony and they will be entered in the divisional race the next day.

The winner of each age and gender category within each division and discipline will win a National Championship Title!

Finals-Race of Champions

The Finals for each division (Bronze, Silver Gold & Platinum) are dual, head-to-head, single elimination races that award prize money to the competitors that make the podium (1st, 2nd & 3rd).


The 32 junior and 32 adult racers that score the most NASTAR Points during the Championship races will qualify for the finals. NASTAR Points are scored within each racer’s age and gender group so younger and older racers have an equal opportunity to qualify for the finals and compete for the overall win using their handicap.


Finals competitors will be seeded by their NASTAR Points and they will be put into elimination brackets. Each racer’s handicap is carried into the race and the NASTAR timing software drives the Pro Race style start gates. The doors of the start gates open independently based on the differential between the two racers. For example; if racer (A) has a 20 handicap and competes against racer (B) with a 5 handicap, racer (A) would get a 15% head start before the start gate for racer (B) opens. The two competitors race to the finish line and the first racer to cross the finish line wins. The differential between the two racers finish is announced and displayed and the winner moves to the next level of the bracket. The four male and female racers that make it to the finals will compete for the prize purse.


Introducing fans and athletes to this exciting head-to-head format of racing is a top goal for NASTAR.


View the NASTAR Handicap Chart



Additional Races:

Participants and guests can enter the NASTAR Slalom Championship to kick off the week of racing. 

The entry fee is $25: