Scoring NASTAR Points

See NASTAR Points on the Handicap Chart

Racers score NASTAR Points based on the handicap they earn within their age, gender and discipline group. The maximum number of points possible is 10 and a minimum of one point is scored for completing the course. This system is used to handicap racers using age and gender so that all racers can compete regardless of age.

NASTAR Points are used to score teams in race leagues across the country. Participants score points for their team based on the handicap they earn in their age and gender group, so racers young and old have an equal opportunity to contribute to their team. The system was developed to level the field of play so every participant has an opportunity to score maximum points if they are fast in their age and gender group.

At the NASTAR National Championships NASTAR Points are used to qualify racers for the Race of Champions Finals. The competitors that score the most points in their division earn a spot in the finals.

In the Platinum Division, the point range is between 10 and 9.01. The goal is to score as many points as possible so that you are ranked among the top 32 racers in your gender to make the finals.

In the Gold Division, the point range is between 9 and 7.01. Gold Division racers want to get as close to nine points as possible to make the finals.

Silver Division racers will score between 7 and 4.01 points and the 32 male and female racers that get the closest to seven points will make the finals.

The range for Bronze Division racers is 4 -1.01. The 32 male and 32 female racers that get closest to four NASTAR Points will qualify for the Bronze Division Finals.

The NASTAR Handicap provides young and old, female or male racers with an equal opportunity to score maximum points in their division. The first column on the Handicap Chart below shows the age group and the second column shows the minimum handicap needed to score a maximum of 10 points. For example, a nine year-old girl needs to earn a handicap better than 21 to score 10 points and a 25 year-old male needs to earn a handicap better than 2 to score 10 points.


How to Calculate NASTAR Points

NASTAR racers earn a handicap and medal score based on their ability each time they race (platinum, gold, silver, bronze or no medal earned). The handicap chart shows a range for each age, gender and medal group. The minimum and maximum number of team points available is listed on the bottom of the chart. Team members score points based on where their handicap lies between the minimum and maximum within the range. NASTAR Team points are calculated based on a process of interpolation.

The calculation for Team Points is as follows:

TScore := Maximum Team Score in Range - ((HCap - minHC) x 2.99 / (maxHC - minHC))

* the value of 2.99 is the range of Team Points within the Silver and Bronze handicap range. The Gold range is 1.99 and the Platinum range is .99