John Fry, NASTAR's founder, was a force of nature, transforming the ski industry and dedicating his life to bringing as many people to the sport of skiing as possible.


The John Fry Award is presented annually to the fastest, most veteran racer at the NASTAR National Championships. The trophy is inscribed with John's name and, "For the Love of the Sport".


2023 John Fry Award Recipient:

Michael Borrelli won the John Fry award at the 2023 NASTAR National Championships by winning the 80-84 platinum division. Michael had a busy season of racing NASTAR at Deer Valley, UT where he recorded 34 race days ranking him 14th in the country for the number of days raced. Michael is a three time NASTAR National Champion that has been working hard to improve his racing skills. This year he dropped his handicap significantly to qualify for the platinum division and to earn the win and the John Fry trophy.