Resort Team Competition

Resort Team Competition
Each NASTAR National Championship competitor represents the resort where they qualified in the Resort Team Competition during the Nationals.

Resort teams are scored based on a team point average. Team members score points for their team based on their final National Championships handicap. Only the top six point gainers from each resort team will be used to score points for their resort team. The number of team points earned by these top point gainers are added together and divided by six to get the Team Score. Unless selected otherwise during the online registration process for the National Championships, competitors will represent the resort from which they qualified in the Resort Team Competition.

In the event of a tie, a 7th team member's National Championships handicap will be factored in to the Team Score. If the tie persists, National Championships handicaps for additional team members will be factored in to the Team Score until the tie is broken.

The NASTAR Handicap Chart shows the handicap needed in each age & gender category to earn a particular number of team points. The number of team points indicated on the chart is a range. Since team points are interpolated, the exact number of team points you earn will be within this range.

Resort Team awards will be given to the first, second, third, fourth and fifth place resort teams. The resort team with the highest Team Score will be awarded the National Resort Team Title!
Squaw Valley Team

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