Liberty Mutual Insurance NASTAR National Championships


You can’t say Squaw Valley without hearing the Olympic theme song in a faint distance, having flashbacks of the 1984 Highest Grossing Ski Movie of all time, “Hot Dog...The Movie”, or without yearning for what makes up some of the best aprés ski days without fail (yea, we’re looking at you, Chamois). There’s a discrepancy that goes hand in hand with the jagged mountainous resort that reminds us just why we crave blankets of powder every time the leaves start to change in the fall. It’s nostalgic. Squaw Valley defines nostalgia with its notorious Sierra bluebird days, incredible snow, local’s vibe with an abundance of ease and accessibility for families from near and far to make the best of the infamous location.



Last March was Squaw Valley’s first year hosting NASTAR Nationals and NASTAR racers from around the Nation will be back for Squaw Valley seconds this year. There’s no hiding why. Every morning during the ski season, the Village begins to bustle with happy families, locals and skiers and riders from all over the nation. On a bluebird day, which are plentiful in the Sierras, the short sleeves come out and you might even catch a glimpse of Jonny Moseley skiing some bumps down KT-22. 



In March, a large crew of Hidden Valley Ski Team racers and their families made the trip out to Squaw for NASTAR Nationals. Amongst the Missouri crowd, Anthony Johnson and his family spent the week of racing exploring around the resort. When they arrived, his son Andre who is eight years old and his daughter Adelina who is seven years old, had the chance to rent snowmobiles and rip around in the Valley near the base of Squaw. Every day they skied sun up to sun down, taking the Funitel up to the top and skiing the backside down. At the end of each day, everyone on their ski team’s favorite treat was the Euro Snacks Waffle and Crepe Hut food trucks in The Village.



“Our kids loved every bit of NASTAR Nationals at Squaw,” said Johnson. “As soon as we got our passes and went up skiing, we did as much as we could all day. They loved the funitel and taking the lifts to the top where my son could ski with his friends on KT-22 and then go get their picture taken in front of the Olympic Rings with their NASTAR medals on at the end of the week.”



The Johnsons race NASTAR for the familial values that come with the territory. They are able to ski as a family of four together and add a little competition in the mix, too. The cherry on top for seven-year-old André Johnson was his Race of Champions win last year at NASTAR Nationals. The Race of Champions combines the National Champion from each division while they carry their winning handicap into the race and a discounted time is used to determine the overall NASTAR National Champion. This means anyone from 99 years old to seven-year-old Andre could win the race.



“At Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows we are proud of our ski racing heritage,” said Aaron Tippett, Squaw Valley events manager. “It is an honor to host the NASTAR Nationals and a privilege to be part of the passion and camaraderie that NASTAR racers bring to these championships. Last season, the racers endured challenging weather, as can happen with any outdoor winter sport, and they did so with both determination and smiles. Our teams here at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows are already hard at work getting this ski season underway and we can’t wait to host the NASTAR Nationals in April.”



Squaw Valley truly brings out the elements of nostalgia, team competition and family fun that we seek in any ski vacation. From funitel rides to waffle snacks in the village at the end of the day, it’s hard to go wrong skiing at Squaw Valley.


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