NASTAR for Ski Clubs

NASTAR is known as a recreational racing program that has been open to the public at more than 100 resorts across the country for more than 50 years, but NASTAR is also available to ski clubs. The NASTAR Club Program is a race management system for registering racers, timing races and connecting athletes with their results and their peers online across the country. NASTAR was designed as a social network to bring people together virtually and to create a connection for recreational racers. Providing participants with data about their on snow experience increases their knowledge and aids in skill development by teaching athletes how to carry speed.



  • NASTAR = NAtional STandard Race. The program is focused on bringing the alpine racing community together with a common scoring system

  • A complete event management system that provides a turn-key system for registration, timing, live results and online community building resources

  • GS, SL and Parallel races are all managed with a user friendly, intuitive software program that provides racers, parents and fans with easy online access to data and results

  • NASTAR races and training races connect participants with their peers across the country and places them in an ability division where they can monitor skill development

  • Includes: timing software, race numbers and registration forms



  • A Par Time is set for each race by a pacesetter with a certified handicap. Pacesetters can be adults or kids that have consistent NASTAR results
  • Races are timed using the NASTAR timing software and results and rankings are posted online
  • Club members are given a complete racer profile on and participants earn rankings within their age and ability groups                                    
  • Season long race series are easily managed for individuals and teams



  • NASTAR provides event coordinators with the tools to easily manage registration, time races and provide live results, score individuals and teams daily and cumulatively and provide online access to data.
  • Improve communication with each athlete by providing detailed information about their race experience
  • Empower your race coordinator with a user friendly system that provides robust race information
  • Provide club members with a low stress, fun racing environment that is tied to a national standard



NASTAR Club Membership Fee: $1500 Includes:

Timing software, web site, registration forms and bib numbers


To join NASTAR as a Club contact:

Bill Madsen

Director of NASTAR

Email: or  970-923-6278