What to Do When You Arrive

Each NASTAR resort has a registration area either in one of the lodges or at the start of the course. Resorts are ultimately responsible for the location and set up of their NASTAR race venue but typically it is visible from a high traffic lift or lodge. Ideally the registration area and/or race venue should be easy to find and well marked, but feel free to ask one of resort employees if you have difficulty.

Many resorts allow registered racers the ability to skip the registration process and move right to the start gate. Since a complete database of all participants is included in the NASTAR Software, which is updated continuously throughout the season, simply pay your entry fee, give the starter your NASTAR Registration Number and off you go! If you are not a registered NASTAR member, you will be asked to complete a NASTAR Registration Form so that we can capture the information necessary to create your Race Record at nastar.com. The process is quick and efficient and should only take a few minutes. The resort will input your personal information into the NASTAR Software prior to uploading the day's races.

Once you pay a small entry fee, which is set by each individual resort (usually $10.00 for 2 runs or $20.00 for unlimited runs) and receive your race bib, it's off to the races! Good luck!

Within 24 hours from the time you race NASTAR, your race results will be posted to your Race Record at nastar.com when the resort uploads the day's races. If you're already a registered NASTAR member (that is - you are in our database) your race results will automatically be added to your existing Race Record. If you're a first-timer, a Race Record will be created for you, you will be issued a NASTAR Registration Number and your race results will be added to your Race Record.

NASTAR provides you with the ability to maintain your Race Record during the year. After your first race and throughout the season, we strongly suggest that you verify the personal information and race results on your Race Record are complete and accurate.

Have fun!

Note: NASTAR requires each participant who registers for NASTAR to read and sign a "Waiver and Release of Liability" form. This release is included on both the online registration form on nastar.com and on the NASTAR Registration Form provided to resorts for distribution on-site. It is up to each resort to determine whether they require participants to complete the shaded portion of the form and sign the release each time they race.