If you’ve ever been to NASTAR Nationals, you know it’s one of those races that you have to get back to no matter what obstacles are in the way. The live music, the friendly competition, watching the pacesetters tear up the courses, and the incredibly positive atmosphere are all things that define why we love this sport. Families from across the country set aside almost a full week to have the opportunity to gear up for race courses based on their age, division, discipline, and gender. Last year, Nationals was held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and this year, the Liberty Mutual Insurance NASTAR Nationals will be in California’s infamous Squaw Valley Resort. Because of this, we’ve made a few changes to help make sure everyone across the nation has the opportunity and time to qualify.


This year you can qualify for Nationals if you win a medal on two or more race days before March 13th. But, if you competed in the 2017 NASTAR Nationals, you only need one race-day medal this season to qualify. We have also shifted the divisional criteria in order to more accurately place you in the correct ability group at Nationals.


Based on a set of four criteria, participants will be placed in either the Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze division when their results match one of the first criteria below in descending order. 

1.     Your final average handicap from the 2017 NASTAR Nationals

2.     Your final handicap from a 2018 NASTAR Regional Championship Event

3.     NASTAR National ranking handicap from the 2017-2018 season (you need three race days)

4.     If none of the above fit your racer profile, we will take your best handicap and medal earned before March 13th to place you in the correct division


Qualification will remain open until March 13th, but you will be able to determine if you’ve qualified for the 2018 Liberty Mutual NASTAR Nationals as soon as you meet the criteria. Participants that qualify via option three or four above will be placed in their ability division on March 14th. If you are not satisfied with the division you qualified in, you can move to a higher division. Unfortunately, participants are not allowed to move down to a division under the one in which they qualified. The qualification process is the same for alpine skiers, snowboarders, telemarkers and adaptive racers.


"We changed the qualifying procedure to give people more time to plan their trip so they can book lodging and take advantage of better rates," said NASTAR  Director Bill Madsen. "The new system will allow racers to qualify earlier and it will allow us at NASTAR to qualify participants more accurately within their ability division."


In the past NASTAR participants qualified for the nationals by earning a top ten national ranking in their division, age, and gender group. Racers could also qualify by earning a top-five state or resort ranking in their division, age and gender group with a qualification deadline of President's Day. 


Good luck this season and we can’t wait to see you and your family at Nationals!