It’s that time of year again: the busy season.


It's that time of year in which we find ourselves traveling all over the country in search of snow and races. Well, at NASTAR we have an exciting announcement in the midst of the busy season and we think you’ll like it!


New and improved NASTAR software
Last year, NASTAR experienced some technology issues, but this season we are back on solid digital footing. We’ve partnered up with Global Reach Sports to provide our host resorts with a top-notch software system that will improve the overall experience for race staffs and NASTAR fans. Any bugs that may have caused some hiccups in the past have been corrected.


For example, for NASTAR resorts who host race leagues or series competitions, we’ve added a new team field called “Series and Leagues.” Previously, we used the Family/Friends Team for race leagues, but with some participants competing in more than one race league, there were scoring issues in the NASTAR results. Now, only the resorts have the authority to change team names for race leagues and series . This shift allows competitors to race in two or more leagues and compete on a different team in each series without any issues that could affect the results.


For a full list of software changes see below:

  • The Handicap Disciplines and Adaptive Discounts have been updated.
  • The software now detects if serial ports are added or removed and will message you when there is a change, along with automatically updating all port selection drop-downs. For all of the timing geeks out there, this makes hooking up timers and display boards much easier and troubleshooting serial ports simpler.
  • We’ve added an automatic backup process that secures file data and assures that no race data will ever be lost.
  • There are now direct links to load the five most recent races. This makes it quick and easy to get back to a race that you were working on.