Warren Miller Videographers film snowboarder


Snow riders are a family—one big tribe comprising many smaller ones. Familial rites pass down through generations. NASTAR families might just hold the essence of this statement to be truer than any other demographic of skiers. Skier roots grow deep in high mountain soil. Warren Miller's film this year is called Line of Descent and celebrates just that, the lineage of legendary athletes through a multi-generational cast of skiing’s icons and fresh faces. It is clear why Warren Miller would choose to feature NASTAR racing in their film this year as no other ski organization embodies family tradition and heritage in quite the same way that NASTAR does. 


NASTAR is an iconic family-style racing platform that has brought families together to enjoy the sport of skiing for 50 years. This year's Warren Miller movie travels near and far, descending some of North America’s deepest lines in Jackson Hole, Montana, Silverton, Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows and Steamboat. From splitboard to powsurfer, motorcycle, dogsled, and snowmobile, the athletes employ nearly all possible means to chase winter along the Beartooth Pass, the French Alps, New Zealand, British Columbia, and Norway.


Two skiers on top of mountain


“This season, we explore how skiers are shaped by picking up a pair of skis for the first time,” notes Warren Miller’s veteran producer Josh Haskins. “More often than not, it’s family who introduces us to the sport or steers us on the path toward an ongoing passion—be it a ski-bum lifestyle, a professional career, or simply the desire to pass on the same feeling to the next generation. There is a kinship unlike any other in the ski community, and Warren Miller is the elder, bringing generations of skiers and riders together for 68 years, and this year is no different.”



Since 1949, ski families have cheered the official kickoff of winter with the ski film company that started it all. As the family grows, the traditions grow richer. Warren Miller Entertainment has been a pioneer in action sports cinematography since 1949 and Line of Descent marks the 68th installment of its expansive feature film library.