The NASTAR Slalom Championships, Monday, April 3rd.


The slalom race is a warm-up race for the National Championship races.

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Participants will be placed in a division based on the handicap they earn during the race. Participants that earn a platinum or gold medal handicap in their age and gender group will be placed in the Platinum/Gold division. Participants that record a silver or bronze medal handicap in their age and gender group during the race will be placed in the Silver/Bronze group and they will earn a final result in the Silver/Bronze division. 


Participants will be placed in their division based on their best result in the race. There are two ability divisions within each age and gender group:

  • Platinum/Gold

  • Silver/Bronze

Registration for the slalom should be completed during registration for the main event. However, if you did not register for the slalom while registering for the National races or if you are a guest that would like to try slalom racing you can register for $25.

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Awards will be presented to the top three finishers in each age, gender and division immediately following the race in the finish area.

We hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity to compete in the NASTAR Slalom Championship. There is no qualification for the slalom race and the event is open to all interested competitors and guests, but pre-registration is required to race.

Gates will be set approximately 12 meters apart and the race will be run using SPM Hero gates or stubby gates. We believe the short gates allow racers to focus on making shorter radius turns without concerning themselves with blocking gates. The stubby gates are made of a soft rubber material so special protection is not necessary. Hero stubby gates provide racers with the opportunity to ski fast while avoiding the impact associated with cross-blocking standard slalom gates.



Adult-NASTAR National Slalom Championship

8:45am-9:30pm – Course Inspection-Blue Grouse skier right venue (adult racers 21-95+ years of age)

9:45am – Race Start Time

●      Ages 95-21-Blue Grouse (oldest racers will compete first)

●      Participants will take two race runs on the same course

●      Awards in the finish area immediately after the race


Junior-NASTAR National Slalom Championship

8:45am-9:30am – Course Inspection-Blue Grouse skiers left venue (junior racers ages 1-20)

9:45am – Race Start Time

●      Ages 1-20-Blue Grouse (youngest age groups race first)

●      Participants will take two race runs on the same course

●      Awards in the finish area immediately after the race


* Registration for the slalom closes Sunday, April 4 at 6pm