At this point your skis are dialed in for your last races of the year, all ready to go except for one thing… Wax! 

Now, it is time to get some wax into your skis to make them fast for race day.  There are many different choices when it comes to wax… But to keep it simple, lets focus on iron in paraffin wax and liquid spray on waxes.

Here is the basic info on wax and wax selection that will help you reach your goals at NASTAR Nationals.

Iron in paraffin base waxes- These waxes are the point at which you will be starting when waxing your skis. 

SWIX waxes come in 6 different hardness to accommodate any condition for racing from warm to cold.  These waxes are applied at specific iron temperatures listed on the packaging, once the wax cools, it is then removed with a plastic scraper and the skis are brushed to a clean polished finish.


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After the base race wax is applied, scraped and brushed, you are ready for racing.

Between runs or after skiing for the day, you can simply refresh the existing paraffin wax with the NEW SWIX Liquid CH wax line.

The liquids are very easy to apply, simply spray the product on the base of the skis, let dry for 15 minutes and then brush out with a nylon brush. 

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