Last season we rolled out a brand new functionality that recognizes some of NASTAR’s highest achieving racers in various categories, the badge system. NASTAR recognizes five critical categories to keep you forward in your boots, in an "athletic position" and on your toes all season long. The Buddy Badge, The Total Results Badge, The Days Raced Badge, The Resorts Raced Badge and the Career Years Raced Badge.


Now, you might be asking yourself, “what in the world is a badge and where can I earn myself one of these…?” Well, don’t walk too far from your iPhone or computer screen, because they are awarded to you and solidified in your NASTAR profile. If you already use Starva for biking or running, you know NASTAR is the ski racer’s extension that provides online rankings based on ability, but NASTAR Badges are awarded for participation. You can find your badges within your record on the right side of the options bar:


user bar


Because it’s already early March (where did the season go, right?!), we want to congratulate a few standout performers this season in each badge category. It’s been a great winter for so many NASTAR racers and it’s not over yet. There’s still time to jump into more courses and start beating out your buddies for the podium badge esults. Let’s see these numbers moving!


The Buddy Badge


This badge is awarded to every single person in the NASTAR system who has added more than five buddies to their profile. Yes, you don’t even have to jump in a NASTAR course to be wearing a gold medal. Just this month Kevin Taylor from Syracuse, New York, Lauren Lagasse of Dover, New Hampshire, and Matthew Aven over in Groton, Connecticut crested the threshold with over five buddies to make it onto one large podium filled with over forty racers thus far. Now quick, go add buddies to your profile. Here’s how.


Total Results Badge


This badge is awarded to those who have five results this season, 20 results, 50 results and over 100 results. Tom Zehner from Steamboat Springs, Colorado was the first man to achieve the over 50 NASTAR results this season on December 18th and most recently on January 13th, 2019, Glen Ruczynski from Williamsburg, Michigan crested the hill with over 50 NASTAR results this season. On January 1, 2019, Linda Walkup from Dallas, Texas earned her 100 Total Results Badge beating everybody else to the hot seat. Let’s just say, this ain’t Linda’s first rodeo.


Total Days Raced


This badge goes out to all of the most dedicated racers. We know everyone has earned the more than one day raced, but the true badge of honor might rest with the owners of the “25 days raced” category. This season, we have over 30 racers who have earned this badge including Charlie Fox from Shorewood, Minnesota who just earned his badge on March 5th. On January 12th, Samuel Delsordo Jr. from Springfield, Pennsylvania was the first racer of the season to earn the badge.


The Resorts Raced Badge


Last season, Matt Dubois, bagged over 20 ski resorts in one season, an incredible goal he set for himself. This season, we have yet to find a crowned winner for over 20 resorts raced, but the season is yet to be over. This season, Lance Bravard from Washington D.C. and Alan Schreitmueller from Annapolis, Maryland have both raced at 10 different resorts. That’s a lot of travel! Over 43 racers this season have made it to five different resorts, but only two have made it to ten. Will you be traveling more this season and earning badges along the way?


The Career Years Raced Badge


This badge is based on the total number of NASTAR seasons with a result. You can start earning badges once you’ve raced NASTAR for more than five years, ten years, 15 years, and 20 years. Just this season, the NASTAR community added 18 new athletes to the “20 Years Total Raced” badge list. This was a big year for the NASTAR Nation.


The ‘badges page’ only lists up to 50 racers in each badge category. If you were in the first 50 racers to earn that respective badge, then your name is featured on the NASTAR website. If you are not clear on where to find the badges you may have earned this season or in the culmination of seasons, you can read about it by going, here.


Don’t worry, there’s still time to get out and race NASTAR and earn a badge or two this season. We hope to see you at The Liberty Mutual  NASTAR Nationals in Squaw Valley this April.