How to Merge Duplicate Race Records

Is your name listed more than once on the NASTAR web site? Search for your last name to check and follow these steps to merge your records.

Merging duplicate records is a simple process that we allow the user to do themselves.

Start by Logging In

Click the shilhouette shilhouette image in the upper left corner of your screen and then click Login to NASTAR Racing and enter your Registration Number and password.
If you do not know your registration number or password, click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your screen and Search for your Name. Select your record by clicking on your name, or if you have multiple records click on the registration number you would like to keep.

If you have not created a password for your record, click the PERSONAL tab within your record on the blue bar and then select the option, Click Here to Login. 
​You will see: I am 'Your Name' and I would like to login. 

Create a password for your record that is at least four characters and easy for you to remember.

Your NASTAR Registration Number begins with the first three letters of your last name and then a number. This number can be used as a bib number to quickly enter any NASTAR race.

Within your Race Record and below your name you will see a yellow "Tools" box. The "Tools" box appears when you are logged in so that you can:

  • Update/Edit Personal Information
  • Merge Race Results
  • Change Name
  • Add / Delete photo
  • Remove Race Results
  • Change Name
  • Add a Photo

Merge Your Duplicates

Click the "Merge Race Results" option to merge duplicate race records. Select the name(s) you would like to merge from the list by placing a tick mark next to the name(s) you want to merge and then click option at the bottom of the page to; Merge Checked Competitors.

If the name you want to merge does not appear on your merge list, look up the record by entering the last name in the "Search Last Name" field under the magnify glass in the upper right corner of any page. When you select the record you want to merge, click the Personal tab and it will say: "This competitor is me" under the yellow Tools box. Click this option and you will send a request to staff to merge the records.

Remember, if you are managing numerous records for family members, you must log out of your record before you can log in and merge or edit another record.

You can always tell who is logged in by clicking on the shilhouettesilhouette image on any page. If you are on any of the results pages you can see the name of the person that is logged in at the top left portion of your screen next to the word "Welcome". You can always click on the first name next to "Welcome" to go directly to that racer's record.