Equipment Specifications for Nationals

  • Helmets - Mandatory for all competitors! No specific restrictions beyond established norms.

  • Skis - No restrictions as to geometric features, flexibility, mass, construction, durability.

  • Bindings/Plates - No restrictions beyond established norms.

  • Boots - No restrictions beyond established norms.

  • Poles - No restrictions. Competitors can race with or without poles.

  • Race Suits/Protection - No restrictions. Note: While the majority of competitors at the NASTAR National Championships wear race suits, NASTAR leaves the decision to wear a race suit up to each individual competitor.

  • Goggles - No restrictions. Note: The use of ski goggles is recommended.

  • Gloves - No restrictions. Note: The wearing of gloves is highly recommended.

  • Back Protectors - No restrictions.