How to Register to Race

If you are interested in racing NASTAR you must first become a registered member.

The process is simple. All you have to do is register online at or on-site at any participating NASTAR resort. Remember, it's free to join and you only need to register once!

If you have raced NASTAR since 1997 there's no need to register again - we know who you are! However, you should quickly verify that you're in our database by searching for your name by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top of the page or by clicking on the RESULTS tab and searching for your NASTAR record. Also, we strongly suggest that you update your personal information within your Race Record to make sure your record is complete and accurate. 

Register Online

If you do not find your NASTAR record, go to the REGISTER tab and create a NASTAR Race Record. It is free to register and you will immediately receive a NASTAR Registration Number. You are now ready to race at any NASTAR resort!

Register On-site 

Each NASTAR resort has a registration area at the start of the course or in one of the lodges. You will be asked to complete a NASTAR Registration Form and the resort will input your information into the NASTAR Software. When the resort uploads the day's races, a Race Record will be created for you and you will be issued a NASTAR Registration Number. Note: After your first race, we strongly suggest that you LOG IN to your race record and verify that your personal information is complete and accurate. 

Once you are registered, you can visit any participating NASTAR resort and simply pay your entry fee and give the starter your NASTAR Registration Number and off you go! During the season, your race results will be transferred to your Race Record when the resort uploads the day's races.

NOTE: NASTAR requires each participant who registers for NASTAR to read and sign a "Waiver and Release of Liability" form. This release is included on both the online registration form on and on the NASTAR Registration Form provided to resorts for distribution on-site. It is up to each resort to determine whether they require participants to complete the shaded portion of the form and sign the release each time they race.