NASTAR National Pacesetting Trials


The U.S. Ski Team will be setting the pace for NASTAR during the NASTAR National Pacesetting Trials at Copper Mountain.


U.S. Ski Team Alumni will also be competing to earn their pacesetting handicaps. Daron Rahlves, Marco Sullivan, Claire Brown and Jake Fiala will be hosting Regional Pacesetting Trials across the country for the 100+ resorts and clubs that host NASTAR races.


The NASTAR National Pacesetting Trial is used to set the National Standard for the Liberty Mutual Insurance NASTAR program and to handicap pacesetters. Every NASTAR race has a pacesetter with a certified handicap that is used to set the National Standard. NASTAR participants earn a handicap each time they race which represents the difference between their race time and the National Standard time expressed as a percentage. If a participant earns a 25 handicap, they are 25% behind the National Standard or the time the fastest U.S. Ski Team racer would have raced the course had he/she been there that day.


Ted Ligety