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Our goal is to provide NASTAR participants with, “The Next Generation of Alpine Racing”. We give NASTAR racers the ability to maintain their race record by logging in and creating a password.

When you login you get the following tools:

Race Tools

  • Update/Edit Personal Information and team names

  • Merge Race Results

  • Change Name

  • Edit / Delete Photo

  • Printer-Friendly Version 

To use these race tools, click on the Log In option on the left side of the navigation bar to go to the login page. Once you've logged in using your NASTAR Registration Number and Password, you will have control of your NASTAR race record and a yellow "Race Tools" box will appear under the PERSONAL tab within your record.

If you do not know your registration number, search for your name by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of any page. Select your name, click on the PERSONAL tab and you will see a message: I am, Your Name, and I would like to login! Click here to login.


Team racing has always been one of the most popular forms of NASTAR competition because the NASTAR handicap system allows teams to compete on a level playing field regardless of age or gender. There are not many sports where we can compete on the same team with our kids, our parents, our grandparents and our friends. The web site provides participants with a resource to bring the team camaraderie created on the mountain to your computer or smart phone. NASTAR's social network allows participants to develop a dialog with race league friends, family members or other top ranked NASTAR racers at 100+ resorts. As a member of the NASTAR Community you can play an important role in contributing to the development of NASTAR program.

We want you to inspire, challenge and sometimes give your friends a good ribbing. We want to see more families and friends skiing and racing together so that the sport continues to grow. We have seen the excitement grow since we started putting race results and rankings online in 1997 and with your help the new experience will provide the next generation of ski and snowboard racers with a new and exciting online experience. Learn how to Follow your Friends.