Race of Champions at Regionals

Racers that win their age, gender and ability group at the Regional Championships are invited to compete for the overall win in the handicapped Race of Champions. Each winner carries their handicap into the race and a discounted time is used to determine the Overall Liberty Mutual Insurance NASTAR Regional Champions.

The Basics

Competitors that win their division are invited to compete in the Race of Champions. The Race of Champions is a handicapped winner-take-all race that crowns the overall female champion and the overall male champion. The ladies race will take place before the gentlemen race:

  • Female alpine, snowboard, telemark & physically challenged

  • Male alpine, snowboard, telemark & physically challenged

The Details

  • Each qualifying racer will carry their winning Regional Championship handicap into the race to level the playing field. 

  • All female competitors race together and all male competitors race together.

  • All disciplines race together (alpine, snowboarder, telemarker and disabled racer).

  • Within each gender race, competitors are seeded by their winning Regional Championships handicap. The highest handicapped racers compete first.

  • Each racer will take one run through the course.

  • During each gender's race, the competitor with the fastest handicapped time will ascend the podium until he/she is bumped off by a faster discounted time.

  • When the last racer crosses the finish the podium is final and overall "Regional Champion" is crowned! Awards are immediately presented to the top three racers still standing on the podium

  • In addition, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are presented to the top three competitors with the fastest raw times.

  • To calculate a discounted time simply divide the racer's time by their handicap.