How to Determine If You Qualified for Nationals

Racers that qualify for the National Championships will have a "National Championships" logo in their race record after Feb. 21st.

To view your Race Record or the Race Record of any registered NASTAR participant, click the Results tab and enter the last name or the NASTAR Registration Number of the participant you wish to find in the Search Last Name/ Reg # box and press enter. 

Click on the name of the participant to view their race record.

We are not mailing invitations to qualifiers this year in an effort to be more environmentally sensitive so don't wait for your invitation to arrive in the mail. Login to your race record to make sure your personal information is accurate and complete. 

The top ten Nationally ranked racers in each age and gender category, within each division are the first participants to qualify for the National Championships.

Participants can also qualify for the Nationals by earning a top five State Ranking. A national and state rankings handicap is an average of the three best handicaps earned on three different days.

NASTAR racers can also qualify by earning a top five Resort Ranking in their age and ability group. Competitors with one or two race days are placed in a division based on their single best handicap.

You can also check the complete list of qualifiers.

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