NASTAR, which stands for the NAtional STAndard Race, was developed back in 1968 by SKI Magazine and now boasts 100,000 racer days annually at 85+ resorts around the country. Our goal is to provide ski resorts with a turn-key alpine racing solution that animates the resort experience and encourages repeat visits. Better yet, we provide a powerful event management system that reduces the amount of staff needed to host races. 


The heart of NASTAR is the handicapped scoring system that allows racers to compare themselves to family and friends every time they race one of our courses. The races can be dual head-to-head racing or traditional single-course racing. Historically the NASTAR courses have been the giant slalom format but slalom is also an option.


How It Works

  • All resorts set a Par Time for each racecourse they set and participants compete against the National Standard during each race 
  • Resort Pacesetters earn a handicap that allows them to set the Par Time and to establish the National Standard
  • The NASTAR website is the complete resource for recreational racing
  • Each racer is given their own web page to monitor their results, rankings, participation badges and the ability to follow their buddies 
  • All participants earn a ranking in their age and ability group at the host resort
  • Participants earn handicaps based on their ability
  • Participants can qualify for the NASTAR National Championships at the end of every season


Resort Benefits For Hosting NASTAR 


NASTAR Branded Race Material

  • NASTAR banners, gate panels and signs, all designed to present a professional race venue with safe, functional and durable materials
  • NASTAR timing and scoring software that is a user friendly event management system
  • NASTAR Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals embossed with the host resort’s name or logo for race participants (must be ordered through the NASTAR licensed medal provider) 


NASTAR Website Presence

  • All participating resorts are listed online under the RACE tab at nastar.com
  • A link to the host resort’s website listed on nastar.com (72,192 average monthly page views) 


Marketing and PR Presence

  • The NASTAR e-newsletter: 
  • The NASTAR newsletter is sent to 70,000+ participants bi-monthly, and weekly around major events
  • Features include: special events, participant news, NASTAR resort events, U.S. Ski Team updates and more 
  • SKI Magazine:
  • The the founder and media partner of the NASTAR program, SKI Magazine generates significant awareness for the NASTAR program and host resorts through a season-long coverage. One (1) program-specific full color, full-page print ad, a promotion eblast and social media inclusions across 500k digital subscribers.


Social Media

  • NASTAR maintains a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We work with resorts to share their posts and promote their programs throughout the season



Resort Participation 

We supply resorts with all of the tools necessary to host NASTAR races: 

  • Timing software, website, registration forms, bib numbers, gate panels, start, finish and race today banners, coroplast signs and supplemental promotional information.
  • Host resorts provide hardware (gates, timers, computers, display boards, etc)
  • NASTAR has developed an optional, low cost, RFID system to improve efficiency
  • NASTAR provides online registration allowing participants to sign the waiver online and go directly to the start.
  • Participant information is shared with the resort for communication and marketing.


Entry Fees:

  • There are guidelines for pricing but the entry fee revenue is not shared with NASTAR
  • It is recommended that resorts sell a season pass to race their NASTAR course
  • Some resorts are offering NASTAR racing for free as a resort amenity


Live race results are recorded online during the race:

  • Official results are posted immediately following the race.
  • National, State, Resort and Overall Rankings are updated nightly.
  • Race leagues and team scores are easily managed and accumulated results for race series are tracked online


Race staff must attend a Regional Pacesetting Trial to establish Pacesetting Handicaps:

  • Each resort must have a minimum of two (2) Pacesetters with certified NASTAR Pacesetting Handicaps.
  • A Pacesetter’s Handicap is used to set the National Standard or Par Time for each NASTAR race.
  • The Pacesetter’s Handicap is divided by his/her time to establish the time that the National Pacesetter would have skied the course had he been there that day.



  • Each resort is ultimately responsible for the location and set up of their NASTAR race venue.
  • NASTAR encourages resorts to place their race venue on a trail in a high-profile location (i.e. visible from a high-traffic lift or lodge).
  • Resorts have the option to set single or dual courses. Race courses should be approx. 350 meters in length.
  • NASTAR Giant Slalom (GS) courses must be set with 18-22 meters of space between gates vertically and 4-8 meters of offset.
  • NASTAR Slalom (SL) courses must be set with 10-14 meters of space between gates vertically and 1-6 meters of offset.
  • There are separate rankings for GS & SL races.
  • Courses must not be within 5% of the Cap Time. The Cap Time is defined as the time it takes a Pacesetter to tuck from the start to the finish of the course without going around gates and is the fastest possible time the venue will allow. This rule forces the course setter to set turns in the racecourse to test the participants skill level.

Due to a number of variables at each resort, the look and feel of each race venue will vary according to the resort.



Participating NASTAR resorts are supplied with all of the promotional materials needed to set-up a public recreational race venue. NASTAR resorts can select vertical self-standing wind wing banners or 12' x 3' horizontal banners for Start, Finish and Race Today.

Below is a list of materials you can receive as a member of NASTAR.


  • Timing & Scoring software
  • Registration Forms
  • Participant bibs
  • Gate panels
  • Start, Finish & Race Today banners: 12' x 3' banners or Wind Wing self-standing banners
  • Register Here sign
  • Information sign
  • Start panels: coroplast-horizontal and vertical options
  • Dry erase scoreboard
  • Handicap chart   
  • Snow Fence
  • Photo Cell Pads
  • Directional Sign (imprinted with the name of your race trail)
  • SPM Brush Gates 27mm (red & blue)     


Reg Here


Orang Gate PanelGreen Gate Panel


Race Today









NASTAR Resort Franchise Fee:  $4600


To join NASTAR

  • The contract must be digitally signed by October 15th
  • An invoice for payment will be sent upon execution of the contract
  • Payment can be made by check or credit card
  • Race venue materials must be selected by October 15th
  • Resorts must provide NASTAR with their certificate of insurance and NASTAR must be named as an additional insured



To Pay by Check send to: Outside Interactive, Inc Dept CH 10740, Palatine, IL 60055-0740

To Pay by Credit Card: Please use our secure payment link: https://quickclick.com/r/shad0 



NASTAR Medals                                                         

  •  NASTAR pins are a separate purchase and are embossed with the resort logo or name.
  • To order Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Racer pins, Order Here