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You Know You’re From NASTONIA When…

You Know You’re From NASTONIA When…

On the backside of Pennsylvania’s Seven Springs Resort with the high winds blowing through the yellow and green gates you will find the hard working and dedicated citizens of NASTONIA. A little confused? Well if your reading this story you just might be a citizen of the great NASTONIAN nation and not even know it.

The country of NASTONIA was established roughly 5 years ago at Seven Springs Resort, in Pennsylvania, when the NASTAR course was moved to the backside of the mountain and a group of NASTAR Racers felt the bite of the backside breeze. “They set the NASTAR course on a side area in the back. You feel like you’re in your own country,” says Bob Stoehr, proud NASTONIAN citizen.  “It’s like being apart of another culture,” agreed John Matisko. Cast to the back of the mountain the NASTAR Racers bond grew and the country of NASTONIA was formed. Though recognized by Seven Springs the idea of NASTONIA is not limited to the one resort, you can think of Seven Springs as more of the capital. For you know you’re from NASTONIA when…

1. You’re a Die-Hard Racer

 A true NASTONIAN is dedicated to racing NASTAR, “We’re the ones taking off our jackets at the top of the runs, shivering and freezing, fighting the cold to get the best handicaps we can, “ says Tim Chappell, citizen of the Seven Spring’s NASTONIANS. “They will be closing down the course for the day and we will always ask 'Just one more run please!’” Chappell continued.  The Seven Springs NASTONIANS spend a bulk of the weekend racing NASTAR fighting for the top spot.  Matisko introduced Stoehr to NASTAR thinking he created a monster, but if you ask Stoehr it’s just the opposite, “John’s the monster in terms of skiing all day,” he says. Off the mountain checking updated results is more important then getting sleep, “If you’re up at 2:15AM to check the updated results then you are a true NASTONIAN,“ states Matisko.

2. You Have a Sense of Community

 The Seven Springs NASTONIAN’s are a tight and competitive group made up of racers in their 30’s all the way up to 70’s. Though the majority are adults they all act like kids again once they hit the slopes. When the Seven Springs NASTONIANS do leave their mountain to travel and race at other resorts they have found that no matter where you race everyone shares the same passion for NASTAR, “No matter where you go you can relate to people,” says Matisko, “ You talk about the same stuff and complain about the same stuff.”  Your nemesis is just your nemesis on the race course and at the bar they're just one of your buds.           

3. You Can Recite the National Anthem

The NASTONIAN National Anthem was created by NASTONIAN, John Matisko, on his long drive to work and although it started out as a joke it reflects the love and dedication racers have for the NASTAR program. Recite the national anthem and you will have gained your citizenship to NASTONIA.