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What is the NASTAR community?

Welcome to our new and improved site. Here, you can interact with other racers on the forum, post your own photos and stories, and read the latest news on racing, skiing, resorts, family activities, and gear. Log in to join the conversation.

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You might have noticed that our site has changed. We've added a new and improved forum, a photo section where you can share your own photos, and ski tips, travel ideas, and more to keep your racing improving. To be a part of the community you'll need to register and create an account. We encourage all NASTAR members to use their NASTAR Registration Number and password when they create their NASTAR community log in to simplify their experience.

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What is a NASTAR handicap

What is a NASTAR handicap

Each time you race NASTAR you earn a handicap that represents the percentage your time is behind Ted Ligety's time (e.g. 15 handicap = 15 percent behind Ted's time).
Ted Pacesetting

The NASTAR Handicap System gives ski and snowboard racers a simplified system to gauge their progress throughout the season and allows racers of all ages and abilities a means to compare their race results to other competitors across the country regardless of when and where they race. This is accomplished by establishing a National Standard for all races.

The National Standard is the Par Time or Ted Ligety's "0" handicap which every racer competes against when they race NASTAR. Each NASTAR resort has Pacesetters that have earned certified handicaps that are used to set Ted's Par Time for their course. NASTAR participants earn a handicap each time they race which represents the difference between the racer’s time and the Par Time expressed as a percentage.

The goal is to lower your handicap or score and improve your ranking. The NASTAR handicap chart shows the handicap range for each age and gender age group. Racers that are in different age and gender groups can compete by comparing the medal earned. For example, if you race your daughter and she earns a silver medal and you earn a bronze medal she wins. Her handicap has earned her a better medal based on age and gender.

The NASTAR Handicap System is designed to award medals to participants within their age and gender group and to place participants in their appropriate Racer Division.

Click here for more information on Nature Valley NASTAR medals.

Click here for more information on Racer Divisions.

When a participant races in a discipline other than Alpine Skier they receive a handicap discount. Snowboarders, Telemarkers and Physically Challenged Racers receive handicap discounts toward winning NASTAR medals and scoring points for their team(s) only. The actual handicap earned is the handicap that is recorded and posted on your Race Record.

Discipline: Handicap Discount

Able Bodied disciplines

·    Alpine Skier No Discount

·    Snowboard                                             15

·    Telemark                                                 12

·    Snow bike                                               50


Adaptive Alpine                               Handicap Discount:

·         Sitting                                             30 

·         Standing                                        20

·         Visual Impairment                      45

·         Cognitive Disability                     35

·         Deaf                                                15


Adaptive Snowboard:

·         Upper Limb Disability                 30

·         Lower Limb Disability                 40

·         Cognitive Disability                     60

·         Deaf                                                25