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Top Ten Reasons to Race Nastar

Top Ten Reasons to Race Nastar

Brought to you by SYNC Performance Wear
SYNC Performance Wear

10. Everybody Else is Doing It. Since 1966 more than 6 million skier days have been logged at Nastar. Nowhere is there a ski racing system as vast, comprehensive or accessible as Nastar. Follow your friends into the course!

9. Freedom From Speed Limit Tyranny. Ever have that sinking feeling in your stomach when you zoom past a ski patrol on a run with clearly marked “slow” signs? Do you timidly wave and nod your head as you pass by knowing only through the generosity or laziness of the speed cops will you have a ticket to get on the next lift? In the Nastar course speed is encouraged. This is the ski area equivalent of the Autobahn! Full throttle with impunity!

8. Steven Nyman does it. Three Olympic and World Championship teams, 3 World Cup DH wins and 6 World Cup podiums can’t be wrong.

7. Dinner Party Boasting. Ever needed to reach into your bag of tricks for a zinger of an opening line at a dinner party filled with A-list high achievers? How about “I won a gold medal last weekend.”? ‘Nuf said.

6. Justification to buy new gear. Many of us don’t need a reason to spend like a sailor on shore leave when it comes to toys. However, if you have a spouse or significant other or a budget you need to explain yourself to Nastar is perfect for that. “I just need one second to move from the silver to the gold. I think this new (insert gear of choice) will do the trick.” Credit card please.

5. It’s Halloween every weekend. What better excuse to wear skin-tight clothes outside in the dead of winter?

4. Snowmass, CO. Qualify for Nastar Nationals and you have just earned an invitation to beautiful Snowmass, CO in March. This is where the tribe gathers every year to race and party and celebrate the awesomeness of speed on snow! March just happens to be the wettest month in Colorado making for some great powder skiing as well as racing.

3. Sweet pins! I have to admit we are suckers for nice pins. They have become a bit of a lost art in the digital cache and cookie world we live in. The Nastar pin is a badge of accomplishment shiny and proud for all to see. It’s also the calling card for the tribe. Become a member!

2. Dust your buddies! How else do you settle the après ski argument over who is the best skier? Black diamond, double black diamond, “I skied in Europe where their rating system is ten times harder than here”, are all subjective measures of skill. The clock does not lie. Shut your buddies up once and for all and get them to pick up the tab too!

1. Fun! Racing Nastar is absolutely a blast. We promise. SYNC is proud to partner with Nastar providing the official Nastar GS suit not because we think the next Olympic gold medalist will wear it and we can claim some sort of affiliation. We do it because we love the atmosphere of support and mutual respect Nastar fosters. This is a true family of like-minded, fun loving individuals who get after it on the snow. Come on out and have a blast with us!