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The New A400 Is Here!

The New A400 Is Here!

The New A400 tights feature the most advanced compression technology, 5 technical fabrics for muscle stability and support, adaptive technology for temperature control and moisture management, and 360 Reflectivity for enhanced safety!

The new A400 is here! Compression wear. Re-invented.
For a while now we’ve been teasing you with our ‘S***S about to change’ campaign – claiming ‘we just reinvented the technology we invented’ and showing off with the hashtag #bestincompression. Well, now you’ll get the chance to put our bold claims to the test! We’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed... So what exactly has been ‘reinvented’ by the only brand that can legitimately profess to be the originator of sports compression wear? And why ‘A400?’

It’s because our brand new range has been developed based on 400 key body touch points, making it the most technologically-advanced sports compression wear on the market. Made up of several key panels which target specific active muscles, we’ve tested our unique Dynamic Gradient Compression technology with athletes and it’s scientifically proven to accelerate blood flow, delivering oxygen to the muscles, enabling you to train harder, perform better, recover faster. But hey, you already knew that….here’s what you didn’t know about our new A400 range...

ADAPTIVE by HeiQ Dynamic Cooling
It incorporates ‘ADAPTIVE by HeiQ Dynamic Cooling’ which delivers moisture management properties triggered by body temperature. This means when it’s cool, A400 garments bind in moisture to keep you feeling warm and dry. But, when the temperature rises, stored moisture is released, allowing the body to cool down. It’s compression wear’s most advanced temperature management system. Ever.

More comfortable. More supportive. More durable. Improvements to our design and our use of scientifically-enhanced fabrics not only make the new A400 more comfortable and more durable than ever before, they also ensure your muscles are supported, thereby reducing the risk of injury. And, (on the one day of summer we need it here in the UK!) its 50+ UV protection means you can train outdoors, knowing you’ll be safe from harmful rays. Since we launched in the 90s, we’ve been committed to continual research, development, improvement. Our aim is to ensure that anyone serious about sport, training, performance and fast recovery considers SKINS equipment, not clothing - a vital part of their kit. With the new A400 we’ve broken new ground in compression wear science so that you can break thresholds in training and performance.

Find out about our NEW A400 range here
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