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You might have noticed that our site has changed. We've added a new and improved forum, a photo section where you can share your own photos, and ski tips, travel ideas, and more to keep your racing improving. To be a part of the community you'll need to register and create an account. We encourage all NASTAR members to use their NASTAR Registration Number and password when they create their NASTAR community log in to simplify their experience.

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Team Races at Regionals

Team Races at Regionals

Get your family together or a group of friends and race as a team.


Register Now of the Regional Championships
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Racing as an individual is always fun but competing with your family or with your friends adds a different element to NASTAR racing. When you are pulling for your teammates to score for your team the camaraderie is infectious. There is nothing like competing as a part of an alpine ski team and the NASTAR format provides a handicapped system so that each team member's performance can help the team.

The NASTAR handicap system levels the playing field because team member score points for their team based on the handicap they earn in their age and gender group. The NASTAR Handicap Chart shows the handicap needed in each age & gender category to earn a particular number of team points (click to view the NASTAR Handicap Chart).

FAMLY TEAM: The top THREE point gainers from each Family Team will be used to score points for their team.

FRIENDS TEAM: The top FOUR point gainers from each Friends Team will be used to score points for their team.

The number of team points earned by these top point gainers are added together and divided by three and four respectively to get the final Team Score (i.e. a perfect team score is 10 points).

The number of team points indicated on the handicap chart is a range. Since team points are interpolated, the exact number of team points earned will be within this range. The exact number of team points scored for your team will be indicated on the result sheets and online. In the event of a tie, one addition team member will be added to the score to break the tie.

Awards will be presented to the top 3 Family Teams and the top 3 Friends Teams.

Calculating Team Points is a process of interpolation. First you take the handicap and see where it fits in the handicap chart. Then from the chart get the minimum and maximum values for the Team Points and the corresponding range of handicaps. Then calculate where the team points would be based on where the handicap lies between the minimum and maximum. The calculation to do this is: TScore := Maximum Team Score in Range - ((HCap - minHC) x 2.99 / (maxHC - minHC)) (the value of 2.99 is the range of Team Scores within the Gold, Silver and Bronze handicap range. The Platinum range is .99)

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