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Sportube - The World's #1 Hard-Sided Ski & Snowboard Cases

Sportube - The World's #1 Hard-Sided Ski & Snowboard Cases

Going on a ski vacation this year or looking for the perfect gift? Sportube is the safest way to get your gear to the mountains. Airlines prefer our hard case for skis and boards and now we have premium padded boot bags to protect all of your gear! PLUS NASTAR special discount: 20% off online orders.
Sportube Main

If you are going on a ski or snowboard vacation this year, there is no safer way to get your gear to the mountains than in a Sportube Hard Case. As most of you already know, we have been offering the world’s #1 ski and snowboard travel case since 1995. With three models to choose from, we have the right case at the right price.

The Series 1 (single ski) case is perfect for the person traveling light with one pair of skis and poles. The Series 2 (double ski) is great for the couple or anyone taking two pairs of skis, such as a pair of groomer or race skis and a pair of powder skis. The Series 3 is our largest and most versatile case. It can hold up to two snowboards with boots and bindings. But, it can also be used as the perfect family case, holding three pair of skis and poles or even one snowboard with boots and bindings and one pair of skis and poles. Go to to learn more about all of our Sportube products.


If you aren’t already using a Sportube, you should seriously consider it. Most people fly to their ski or snowboard destination and typically check their skis and snowboards. What most folks don’t know is that the AIRLINES PREFER HARD CASES! Most airlines will not claim liability for damage to gear that is checked in a soft bag. This is because they know how often soft bags get damaged and how often the gear inside also gets destroyed. Next time you check your gear, make sure you are in a Sportube Hard Case and your gear is protected. Not only will our case protect your gear, but the airlines will take care of you if your gear is damaged in a hard case. Just go check your airlines baggage policy for skis and snowboards and you’ll see for yourself.


Everyone seems to make boot bags, but not everyone makes them like we do. All too often, boot bags are an afterthought. Just need something to put them in. Well at Sportube, we took them to another level. And this year we introduced our line of PREMIUM PADDED BOOT BAGS. Two options to choose from, the Overheader™ and the Freerider™.

When making our bags, quality and comfort were our priorities. Both bags share all of the same great features. Padded boot compartments, high quality zippers, comfortable back pack straps and Hitchin™ Technology. With Hitchin™ Technology, our boot bags can be easily attached to any Sportube and effortlessly rolled as one piece, together.

The Overheader™

The Overheader™ is our convenient carry-on boot backpack. When you are going skiing or boarding, the last thing you want lost in transit are your boots. The Overheader™ meets airline carry-on requirements at 22”x9”x14”. Yet it is still big enough to carry your boots, pants, jacket, base layers, gloves and goggles. Your helmet goes on the outside with our handy, detachable helmet pod.

The Freerider™

The Freerider™ is your larger option when you just need a big bag. At 70 liters this bag can hold it all. Fit your boots, clothes, helmet, socks, goggles and much much more in the Freerider and just check it in. It is perfect for any racers out there and also great to have as a gear bag to keep all your stuff in one place.

If you’re looking for the same great quality and protection we’ve always offered, check out our new boot bags and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Black is here to stay, but sometimes you need to spice it up and add some color. At Sportube we’ve done that and introduced a new color to the Sportube line, BLAZE ORANGE. The blaze orange Sportubes are available in all three models and are proving to be extremely popular. Never miss your Sportube on the luggage carousel again and stand out with your new striking color.


As a thank you to all of the NASTAR email subscribers, we would like to offer a very special discount of 20% to anyone that places an order on our website Just use the discount code NASTAR2014 when checking out and you’ll get 20% off of your entire order.

So if you’re going on a trip this year or your just looking for the perfect holiday gift, think about Sportube and use the 20% off coupon, NASTAR2014.

If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call 1.800.423.4439. You can always go to for more information and details.