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Regional Pacesetting Trials

Regional Pacesetting Trials

There is a team of U.S. Ski Team Alumni that will host pacesetting races. Daron Rahlves will host races in the West, AJ Kitt will cover the Northwest, Casey Puckett is the Pacesetter for the Rocky Mountain Region, Kaylin Richardson will host races in the Midwest and Ben Drummond will be the Eastern Regional Pacesetter.

World and Olympic Champion Ted Ligety is NASTAR's National Pacesetter and he is the standard for all NASTAR (NAtional STAndard Race) races. All NASTAR participants earn a handicap when they race which represent the difference between their time and Ted's time or the Par Time.


Each NASTAR Resort and Club must have Certified Pacesetters to set the Par Time for each NASTAR race. To earn a certified pacesetting handicap, pacesetters must race against a Certified Pacesetter. U.S. Ski Team Alumni will earn their pacesetting handicaps at the Putnam Investments NASTAR National Pacesetting Trials at Copper Mountain, Nov 21st and they will host races in their home region.



Once a pacesetter is certified, they use their handicap(s) to set Ted's Par Time for NASTAR races on their mountain. Racers that participate in local NASTAR events earn a handicap each time they compete and they are placed in a medal group (platinum, gold, silver or bronze).


NASTAR Regional Pacesetting Trials schedule

  • Far West Region with Daron Rahlves
    • Squaw Valley, CA Dec. 17
    • Mammoth Mountain, Dec 18
    • Bear Valley, CA Dec. 19
  • Northwest Region with AJ Kitt
    • Mt. Hood Meadows, OR   Jan. 3
  • Western Region With Heidi Voelker
    • Deer Valley, UT Dec. 14
  • Rocky Mountain Region 
    • Aspen Mountain, CO Dec. 18 with Casey Puckett
    • Jackson Hole, WY Dec. 17 with Tommy Moe
  • MN & WI Region with Kaylin Richardson
    • Tyrol Basin, WI   Dec. 11
    • Welch Village, MN Dec. 12
    • Spirit Mountain, MN Dec. 13
  • MI Region
    • Boyne Highlands, MI Dec. 17 with Cary Adgate (backup date Jan. 5)
    • Alpine Valley, MI Dec. 19 with Scott Hoose
    • Crystal Mountain, MI Jan. 11 with Jonathan Ballou, PSIA DEMO Team
  • Eastern Region with Ben Drummond
    • Labrador Mountain, NY Dec. 18  (back up date January 8)
    • Roundtop, PA Dec. 19
    • Mount Southington, CT  Jan. 9
    • Pat's Peak, NH Jan. 15

The host resort will supply certified pacesetters with a complimentary lift ticket and race entry.

Pacesetters earn three certified handicaps:

  • GS Coat Handicap
  • GS Race Suit Handicap
  • Slalom Handicap

Pacesetters set the par time for their NASTAR races using their established certified handicap within each discipline.

More Pacesetting Info




Pacesetters looking to attend a Regional Pacesetting Trial must be registered with NASTAR. 


To ensure the integrity of the NASTAR Handicap System, each Nature Valley NASTAR resort is required to send, at minimum, two (2) pacesetters and not more than (5) pacesetters to a Regional Pacesetting Trial.  If you need to send additional pacesetter to the trials your resort must submit a request for additional entries. Nature Valley NASTAR pacesetters should be consistent racers and at least one pacesetter should have a handicap of 15 or lower. All Nature Valley NASTAR races must have a pacesetter with a certified NASTAR Handicap to set the Par Time. 



Pacesetters will earn three handicaps at the Nature Valley NASTAR Regional Pacesetting Trials:

A Coat handicap a Suit handicap and a Slalom handicap.  Pacesetters handicaps are recorded to the hundredth of a point.


1. The Coat handicap is earned during the first race. The lowest handicap earned during the first race will serve as the pacesetter’s “Coat” handicap.  Pacesetters must wear their jacket or regular work clothes for the first race. When pacesetters set the Par Time at their resort wearing a jacket or regular work clothes, they must use their “Coat” handicap.

2. The Suit handicap is earned during the second race. The lowest handicap earned during the second race will determine each pacesetter’s “Suit” handicap.  Pacesetters are allowed to wear racing suits for the second race. When pacesetters set the Par Time at their resort wearing a racing suit, they must use their “Suit” handicap.

3. Slalom handicap. NASTAR Slalom is a new option for NASTAR resorts. Bring your slalom skis and take a few runs through the stubby gates. A new handicap chart has been added to the NASTAR software and separate slalom rankings will rank people at the host resort, in their state of residence and nationally.