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Overall NASTAR Champion Adam Peine

Overall NASTAR Champion Adam Peine

Adam Peine understands that taking risks when ski racing can bring success but it can also lead to failure or injury. The photo shows Adam crashing hard during the 2009 NASTAR National Championships. This year Adam made it to the Race of Champions by winning the 16-17 year old Platinum Division with a handicap of 10. During the final race he took a huge risk by skiing a very direct line at the bottom of the course and it paid off with an Overall NASTAR National Championship title.
Adam Peine crash

Where did you grow up skiing?

I grew up skiing at Welch Village here in Minnesota

Did you race NASTAR as a kid?

Yes I did. I started racing Nastar at age 6 at Welch on our two Nastar hills, Dan's Dive and Lookout.

Did you ski race in high school?

Yes, I graduated for Hastings High School this spring. I've been racing varsity since 7th grade. Here in MN, we only race slalom in high school so that our races can be done on weeknights. I have been All Conference for the past 4 years and this year I made All State Honorable Mention. I have also won a few regional titles in our race league which is made up of local ski areas.

Will you race in college?

I really want to race in college next year at Gustavus Adolphus College in St Peter, MN near Mankato, MN. Currently they don't have a team but hopefully I can find some other kids to join me or race as an independent.

Tells us about your life as a ski racer.

Well working, coaching, and racing at Welch takes up almost all of my time from Thanksgiving until I head out West to race in the Nastar Nationals in late March. It's tough to keep up with school work and friends (and girls) but my teachers and friends are good about working with me to get things done.

What are the highlights of your ski racing career?

Winning the Race of Champions this year was my biggest accomplishment so far but making it to state after not preforming in sections for four straight years was a good moment for me and it felt so good to have my hard work pay off.

How many days do you ski each winter?

Well I have practice four days a week, I coach one day a week and I work one day a week so 6 times an average of 18 weeks of skiing a year so about 110-120 days total.

What is your favorite ski memory?

My favorite ski memory happened in Park City a day or two before my 1st Nastar Nationals race in 2002. We got powder and it was the 1st time I had ever seen powder and I got to ski it. Being 6 I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I remember falling over and dad not being able to see where I was. I don't think I've ever been more tired than I was after that day.

If you could ski anywhere, where would you go?

I really want to go ski Whistler. After seeing it in Warren Miller's Playground I was convinced that I need to go shred it. I've never left the country and I think that if I do skiing should be involved.

Tell us about your experience at the Nationals this year?

I really liked the set up this year. It's a really cool atmosphere to have all of the courses in the same area. It gives a festival feel to it that makes it unique. The racing for me was a little different then I'm use to for a few reasons. I switched skis a week before heading out west to a slightly stiffer and straighter ski that I hoped would allow me to ski the line I wanted. The other thing that made it different for me was the snow. If any of you haven't skied in Minnesota we ski ice and Snowmass blessed us with lots of powder on the race days and that forced me to adjust. When Sunday rolled around I was excited to jump back in the course because the snow set up hard overnight and was very close to what I race on back home and that worked to my advantage.

What is your most memorable Nationals experience?

When it was held in Steamboat one year I was racing down the course and I put an arm and a leg through a panel and Sharp Shooter got a picture of it. I ended up breaking the gate and I had a bruise for three weeks (photo attached).


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