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Chile Take Two

Chile Take Two

NASTAR Champion Abigail Murer made her second trip to Chile to train with the U.S. Women’s Europa Cup Team and now she is sharing the experience with us.
Abigail posing along side the U.S. and Quebec Ski Teams.

Having the chance to travel down to Chile and train with the top skiers in the world is an opportunity every skier dreams of. For most, that dream will stay just that, a dream. For a small percentage the dream will become a reality just once and it will be a memory they cherish for the rest of their lives. For Abigail Murer the dream could become her life, and that’s just how she likes it.

Her stellar performance at the 2012 Nature Valley NASTAR National Championships this past spring in Winter Park, CO earned her the trip, repeating her title as NASTAR National Champion for the second year in a row. Murer's second trip to Chile to train with the U.S. Women’s Europa Cup Team was memorable. Abigail recounts her trip here, and we must say we’re a little jealous.

Chile this year was amazing! I had tons of fun skiing with the girls and definitely had some outstanding training over the course of the week. The first day we arrived, we checked into our hotel and unpacked. I decided to go ski around on the mountain, just to get the feel of skiing back before I began training the next day. That night, I went to dinner and got to meet all of the girls from the US Women’s Europa Cup Team (a different team than last year). Dinner was excellent, as I spent the evening getting to know the coaches and girls before hitting the slopes the next day.

The first two days of training were SG. This stands for Super Giant slalom and is the second fastest event next to Downhill or DH (both SG and DH are classified as ‘speed’ events). Coincidentally, speed events are without a doubt my favorite disciplines to train, as well as race. I was extremely excited to be training one of these events while in Chile with the US Ski Team. It was most beneficial to train speed with these girls because I was able to compare my times to theirs, watch their form, and receive helpful technique critiquing from them. They were all so nice and down to earth, as well as very inspirational. The third day was our day off the hill to rest and recollect our focus for the technical event training (Slalom or SL) that would shortly follow the next few days.

The fourth, fifth and sixth days consisted of Slalom training. They days went very well and I had definitely improved my skiing by the sixth day on skis. Not only was the snow great, but with the beneficial training tips and critiques from the athletes and coaches, I feel as if I definitely improved my skiing over the course of the trip. Being able to ski alongside some of the best skiers in the world was an amazing opportunity and I will not only walk away being a better skier, but will use the advice I was given in order to further improve my skiing in seasons to come. Overall, the trip was equivalently as amazing and inspirational as last year and I plan on putting forth my best effort to capture the same experience next year.


Murer’s hard work, dedication and positive attitude will take her far. She’s dreaming of the Olympics, and if we have learned anything about Abigail Murer it’s that she makes her dreams come true. Congratulations Abigail and good luck this season.




Murer’s hard work, dedication

Murer’s hard work, dedication and positive attitude will take her far. She’s dreaming of the Olympics, and if we have learned anything about Abigail Murer it’s that she makes her dreams come true. Congratulations Abigail and good luck this season.

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